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We are an independent local Estate Agency specialising in property letting and management, based in Wood Green, North London, with over 15 years of experience. Our aim is to become the Estate leader in residential lettings. Areas that we cover are within 10 miles of Wood Green Tube Station. We help clients to rent, renovate and maintain their properties. Cooperating with many happy Landlords and Tenants, we are proud to say that our experienced and friendly team is always happy to give the best possible service and make the best decisions relating to their properties. We are always striving to increase the range of services we offer and to best adapt them to your needs.


We try to make the services we offer suit your needs as well as possible, which is why are so devoted to systematically observing changes on the property market, and to adapting our services appropriately. And all to make sure we can give you what you are looking for

Customer Satisfaction

The best proof that our work is done well is the satisfaction on the faces of our customers. We achieve this by tuning in to our customers’ needs and expectations, and by trying to show them respect at all times.

Individual Approach

We are aware that every customer has different needs and expectations, which is why we first of all determine our customers’ aims and priorities. This means we can present them with the best possible solutions.
We believe that the most effective way to work is in a friendly atmosphere among good company, and that co-operation and mutual help are also of great importance. This is why our work gives the best results, and this in turn is a source of great satisfaction for us. From this satisfaction stems our positive attitude to our customers.
No work can be done well if it is just carried out automatically and without commitment. We are a team of people who enjoy our work and take pleasure in carrying it out. The best reward and motivation for us are the smiles on your faces.

Property Redress Scheme

My Deposits scheme

My Deposits scheme

Are you looking to rent a flat or house in North London?Or, are you a Landlord that is looking for a smart, long term, rent solution for your property?This is exactly why you should visit our office in Wood Green N22, London. Inter-Property provides a various types of houses to rent or sell/buy in North London.